About MyAco

MOBILITY is more than just a trend

CHANGE is one of the most important terms reflecting the spirit of our time and MOBILITY is the most pronounced of its accompanying trends. This applies to many areas of our lives, including intercoms. Providing them with remote communication and control functions, regardless of the location of the user is the greatest challenge undertaken by ACO. We have always set the bar high for ourselves. The USER and their daily comfort is something that we always bear in mind. Their freedom, convenience and sense of security is our priority. By introducing the first solutions in the MOBILE segment, we are starting a new chapter in the life of the company and we are creating new opportunities for our clients.

Inspired by the daily life

We do our best to bring in a little bit of inspiration into simple, everyday activities - such as entering or exiting a building. It is made possible by our innovative solutions, unmatched by any other manufacturer. We realise, that in a device as small as an intercom, even the tiniest detail is of the utmost importance. We devote the necessary time and attention to every single product, in order to make sure that our solutions include everything that the users require. Therefore, it has become our goal to design devices, that will remove as many barriers from the entry zone as possible.

Local roots, European reach

As a family-owned company from Poznań, we are proud of the fact that ACO devices are becoming increasingly prevalent in places like London, Berlin, Paris or Vienna. Our ambition is the constant search for new solutions and new opportunities in our country and in our city of Poznań, with the use of our own resources. Along with the development of our company, we feel a growing sense of responsibility for the highest quality and functionality of our products, as well as the necessity to maintain their intriguing design. We work not only for ourselves but also for the benefit of future generations and as such, we strive to make careful and well-thought-out decisions.